Blombos Museum of Archaeology

bma1The Blombos Museum of Archaeology
The Blombos Museum of Archaeology was brought into being by the Hessequa Archaeological Advisory Committee (now dissolved) and inaugurated by Prof. Chris Henshilwood on 14/10/2006.
The Blombos Cave display has bifacial points (Still Bay points), bone tools, little freshwater shells which were used as beads, a replica of the famous engraved ochre and a replica of a 100 000 year-old paint workshop found in the Cave.
There are also other displays of Early, Middle and Later Stone Age artefacts, originating from the region. In addition there is also a section displaying examples of Bushman hunting and cultural artefacts and a Khoekhoen clay pot.
A gallery presenting the Bushman rock art of the Langeberg, together with a small display showing the technology of the Bushman artists, is a new addition to the museum.

The Hessequa Society for Archaeology manages, runs and controls the assets of this museum through voluntary work by its members and financial assistance from the Hessequa Council and other sources.
The museum itself is presently housed in the historic “De Jagerhuis-opstal, Palinggat, Stilbaai”

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