Tidal fish traps

Promoting the continued maintenance and use of the Noorkapperspunt fish traps within the context of this area’s status as a restricted zone in the Stilbaai Marine protected area.

Rock Art sites

Surveying and documenting the rock art sites of Hessequa

Hessequa Ethnohistory

Researching the history and culture of people of the Hessequa region to establish the link between their Koekhoen ancestors and their present day descendants.

The Blombos Museum of Archaeology

Managing, maintaining and developing the Blombos Museum of Archaeology

Archaeological Site Catalogue of Hessequa

Creating a comprehensive catalogue of all archaeological sites of importance in Hessequa and identifying those sites which warrant further study

Schools project

Introducing learners in the Hessequa region to archaeology and instilling awareness and understanding thereof in them.

Rock Art gallery

Presenting to the public a pictorial and descriptive display of the rock art of the Hessequa.

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